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Here, you can find the support, tools, and info you need to facilitate a successful WakeUp.
Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  with questions or for further support. 

Check out resources for before, during, and after your WakeUp. 

Before Your WakeUp

Download WakeUp materials

GenUp Toolkit –  PDF | DOC
This is your #1 resource for preparing to facilitate a WakeUp!  The Toolkit contains the Facilitator Manual, Organizing Guide, and additional materials & resources.

WakeUp Multimedia Elements -- Keynote 09 | PowerPoint (Mac) | PowerPoint (PC)
This contains all videos and slides for a 3-hour WakeUp experience.  TIP: These files are quite large.  For your own preparedness and peace of mind, download and test them well in advance!

WakeUp DVD
The multimedia elements of the WakeUp are also available as a DVD. You can order a DVD for $20USA ($25 international) by sending a check to our mailing address. If you would like to order multiple DVDs, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Design & Adapt Your WakeUp

WakeUp Planning Template – Online Template
Designed to support you with the basics of WakeUp event planning, team building, and creating the timing & flow of your WakeUp agenda.  

Shortening the WakeUp
To shorten the WakeUp, you can use these templates for WakeUps for different time lengths. Please go to "File"/ "Make a Copy" before editing. 
1-hr design template | 2-hr design template | 2.5-hr design template

1-hr GenUp Presentation 
This 1-hr presentation is perfect for a classroom or an introductory workshop! You can download the 1-hr GenUp Keynote Presentation with shortened Who Are We & Where Are We videos, and a 1-hr Facilitator Script. Enjoy!

Generación Despierta: The WakeUp in Spanish
The WakeUp is now available in Spanish! You can download the Spanish presentation with dubbed videos as a PC PowerPoint or a Mac PowerPoint, as well as the "Generación Despierta" toolkit with facilitator script. 

Promote Your Event

Post Your WakeUp!
Make sure your event is up on the GenUp event page! You can specify if its an 'open' or 'closed' event depending on whether it is open to the public.

Make a Flyer
Check out these sample WakeUp Flyers for inspiration, or download this editable PowerPoint WakeUp Flier Template.

Online Engagement
Send an email invite based on this template. Create a Facebook event page & post it on GenUp's Facebook page. 

WakeUp Promotional 2-Pager – Download
Use this to enroll hosts & sponsors for your event

Connect with the WakeUp Community

WakeUp Facilitator Map -- Find and connect with other WakeUp Facilitators nearby or across the world.

During Your WakeUp

Bring event materials

GenUp Sign-up Form – Word | PDF
We love to give participants ways to get involved with GenUp after they’ve experienced the WakeUp.  Can you use our signup form to gather interested participants’ information? 

WakeUp Participant Tri-Fold Handout – PDF
You can print this tri-fold out for WakeUp participants to use during the experience. On the front is the “What Makes You Come Alive” exercise, and on the back is space for recording commitments and information about getting involved with GenUp.

WakeUp Feedback Form - Word
Have participants contribute to your and GenUp's success by providing feedback on how to improve and build on the strengths of the WakeUp.

After Your WakeUp 

Submit a report-back

Event Report-Back – Online Form
We’re gathering as many stories as we can about the WakeUps happening up everywhere, so we can all share and learn from each other's accomplishments.  We’d love to share yours with the world.  Can you tell us how your event went — what happened, what you learned, and what you’re up to next?

Submit your sign-ups

If participants at your WakeUp have signed up to get involved, can you submit their info so we can stay in touch with them about next steps and upcoming opportunities?  You can email an excel spreadsheet of the contacts to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or send them by mail (here is our address).

Follow up with your participants

Don't leave them hanging! Send an email based on this template, with next steps of how to get involved with GenUp, along with any local or issue-specific steps that are relevant to the group.

Upload photos

A picture can be worth a thousand words.  Can you upload your photos to www.Flickr.com with the tag “genup,” to help us create a global tapestry of images that tell the story of our generation waking up?

- In the title, include the city and country; for the description, write a compelling one-sentence description of your event and what is happening in the photo.
- Choose the best ones and upload them to our Flickr Group!

Share Your Story

Write a blog on the GenUp website to tell the story of your event & spread the word about how you've used the WakeUp to catalyze inspiration & action in your community.