Our Impact

The work of GenUp is ultimately about bringing forth a thriving, just, sustainable world -- and, we know there are a few steps along the way to achieving this vision.  In assessing our work, we distinguish between outputs, outcomes, and impacts:

Our outputs are the immediate results of our work, best represented by our campaign goals.  We play for these goals because we believe that, by achieving them, we create the conditions necessary to achieving our ultimate vision.

Our outcomes are the observable individual or collective actions that young people take following engagement in our work.  For example, a young person may leave a WakeUp inspired to initiate an urban community garden project.  While we cannot directly control outcomes, we can measure them and gauge the effectiveness of our strategy.

Our impacts are the sustained structural changes in the condition of the society, toward which our work and its outcomes can only partially and indirectly contribute.  For example, the urban community garden project launched by our WakeUp participant may increase food security significantly and measurably for a given number of low-income households.